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Lose Your Pet1

What to Do if You Lose Your Pet

Pets are something which is very dear to us, it is a member of our family and if it gets lost the pain and anxiety you face is truly unstoppable. You constantly worry where it would have gone, did it get hit by a vehicle or did some other animal attack your pet or did someone take away your pet. These thoughts flood your mind and make you worry all day. I know how it feels because I know the pain of losing a pet animal. I constantly kept thinking about my cat the entire day, and there is no place that I have not checked. Finally, some good soul had returned by cat hearing from someone that is was our cat. I couldn’t thank the stranger enough.

Lose Your Pet

So if you are in a position where you had lost your pets, it can be a little hard, but you got to search and do all the necessary methods to get back your pet. The following are some of the things you can do if you happen to lose a pet:

  • Report the matter to local animal control agencies.
  • Search the neighborhood.
  • Advertise.
  • Post on the internet.
  • Get help from family and friends.

Report the matter to local animal control agencies:

If you think that your pet has been lost then, call up the local animal control agencies and give out the description of the pet and your location. You can also notify the police if you believe that your pet was stolen.

Search the neighborhood:

Your pets must have mostly wandered off in the nearest neighborhood and must have lost its way so gather up your friends and search the entire neighborhood. You can also ask your neighbors and other people who happen to pass through your area if anyone has seen your pet. If the pet is in your neighborhood, then it must most likely come back to your house in a few days.


You can make small posters with the picture of your pet in the poster. You can also say that your pet is missing for these many days and you are not able to find it in the nearby environment. So if someone happens to find a pet with similar features, they can contact you. You can also give out some rewards to those who bring back your pet. But sometimes some people falsely say that they have found your pet just for your reward and never give you your pet.  You must be careful with such people.

Post on the internet:

Nothing spreads faster than a post which is posted on the internet. You can post pictures on the social media that your pet is missing. If you happen to have a group where many people belong to your locality, then you can post in such groups.

Get help from family and friends:

The more, the better, if more people search the better the search will be. So make sure that you gather around your friends and family members to find your lost pet.

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